If you’re buying a new home, here’s a pretty compelling reason to choose something in Central Phoenix: your health. The housing demand in the Valley has led to the expansion of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area all the way out to towns like Queen Creek, Verrado, and Anthem. But home owners at the edges of the Valley are now dealing with the reality of longer commutes. The average commute time in Arizona is now more than 25 minutes each way. That’s about 200 hours – or 3 days – spent in traffic every year. According to businessinsider.com, a study of more than 34,000 workers suggests that longer commutes have a negative impact on mental health. Workers who travel more than half an hour each day are 33 percent more likely to suffer from depression, 37 percent more likely to have financial worries, and 12 percent more likely to report multiple aspects of work-related stress.

Alarming statistics like this make it easy to see why more people are rethinking their definition of quality of life. The ability to not spend 200 hours a year in rush hour traffic becomes a very appealing feature in a home – one that inspired our location choice for The Village at North Glen. When selecting a site for our community, we stayed committed to finding a location with easy access to key destinations around the Valley. Our homes are just 2 minutes from I-17, giving residents a perfect starting point for anywhere they need to be. The rest of the Phoenix freeway system is just minutes away, letting home owners minimize time on the surface streets while heading across town – or out of town.

The Village at North Glen features houses that are beautiful, affordable, and well-built. But if you could shorten your commute, lower your stress level, and lessen your worries, wouldn’t that also be worth considering when buying a new home? Spend some time in Arizona traffic and you’ll soon realize that when it comes to quality of life, location really does matter.